Simple, Plug & Play

The easy-to-read booklet and included small group study guides walk everyone step by step through the process.

Many Thousands Cheaper

Supplying these booklets to every church member is still thousands of dollars cheaper than a traditional evangelistic campaign.

No Lengthy Training

Most of your church members cannot attend discipleship training programs because it takes so long. Within days, this framework can be up and running for ALL of your members.

Scalable to Any Size

This framework works for any church size, and even works for individuals on their own!

Shifts the Paradigm

This framework helps the pastors to shift the culture of evangelism from clergy-responsible to congregation-led.

More Effective Retention

This approach is proven to be much more effective in recruitment and retention than classic event-based  evangelism.

An Innovative Concept


What does it mean to be a growing disciple, answering Christ’s commission to “go and make disciples”? You are a follower of Christ, right? Why do you think he called you to follow him? To save you? Of course! Perhaps because he loves you? Absolutely! But as a follower, where do you think he is taking you? What are God’s greatest hopes for your life? Let’s take a look at how Jesus’ own life defined this.

Jesus continually found himself surrounded by people. He loved them all. He loved the 5000+ who stayed past lunch to hear about the Kingdom. He loved the 500 who followed as time permitted. He loved the 120 who gathered in the upper room to pray for God’s guidance at Pentecost. He loved the 72 who went door-to-door sharing the Good News. But there was something about the 12 that brought out his deepest expression of love. Christ invested the bulk of his time into these 12 disciples. They were diverse in their personalities, occupations and religious beliefs. At least one, Matthew, was unchurched.

After living as an example, Jesus commissioned us to go make disciples as well (Matt. 28:18-20). In principle, he asked us to find 12 people to love—to invest our God-given love, our unquenchable hope for Heaven, and our true concern for mankind. He asked us to intentionally replicate his teachings and his point of view, but to do so with the distinct flavor of love (Jn. 13:34-35). This Quick Start Booklet can start a revolution within your church membership by asking, “Who are The 12 People You Love?"

In the pages of this booklet, you are being called to do something very revolutionary in a way that should feel strangely natural. The church and its established evangelistic methods remain calibrated for a world that no longer exists. Now is the time to expand the definition of evangelism from its commonly understood practice of simply conducting programs. Today it must also include the very effective practice of growing personal relationships. Why? Well, simply put, because people are not projects. You wouldn’t want someone else to see you as a project, would you? Do you hope someone will target you or go on a crusade until you conform to their beliefs and lifestyle? I doubt it. So we’re not going to look around for projects, targets or territories to reclaim with a crusade. We’re going to look at the people around us—the people who are near and dear to us because God has placed them there—and we’re going to love them.

Intentional Relationships

The 12 People You Love helps to define exactly who God wants you to disciple, and insures that you spiritually stretch yourself by investing in souls from four different categories (family, friends, churched & unchurched).

This 92-page booklet is an inspiring, easy-to-read and plug-and-play solution for any church looking to launch their church membership into active and sustainable discipleship.


Replacing Excuses With Excitement

Many discipleship programs are overwhelming, cumbersome and quite lengthy. With The 12 People You Love, your church membership can start immediately. The theology of discipling members of each of the four categories is clearly explained in a narrative way that every church member can grasp, no matter how long they've been a part of the church.

Small Group Discussion Guides Included

Six Community Application Guides!

Our latest edition includes a six-part small group discussion guide (24 extra pages!) that will help your community to hammer out how to apply this framework to your unique context. This will help to create a large buy-in from your membership, and will aid in focusing your community in applying this approach for at least six weeks, which is more than enough time to make a major shift in your church's culture.


Simple Steps

VIDEO: Roy Ice

In this video, Roy Ice explains and launches The 12 People You Love at the Loma Linda University Church. Watch this video to get a comprehensive overview of this revolutionary approach.


Roy Ice speaks at the North American Division eHuddle

Randy Roberts

Loma Linda University Church Senior Pastor, Randy Roberts, applies the concepts of The 12 People You Love, and invites his members to a life of growing discipleship.

Joey Oh

Pastor Joey Oh explores what The 12 People You Love might look like if we applied the "love connection" that Jesus called for in John chapter 15.

Miguel Mendez

Pastor Miguel Mendez explores the biblical models of evangelism, and addresses how The 12 People You Love fits more closely with Jesus' original instructions.

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