ENTER THE DEEP - An Interactive Baptismal Study Guide for your iPad, iPhone or Mac!


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“Enter the Deep” is a Multi-touch Apple Book experience that can help anyone lead someone to Christ through baptism. Has a new believer asked you for Bible studies and you felt a little stumped about where to begin? Looking for materials that have been field tested, on today’s generation? Looking for materials that are more age appropriate for ages 17 to 40-somethings? Just relax! Open your iPad or Mac and walk your friend through the highly-engaging experience of “Enter the Deep.”

This Enhanced Multi-touch Apple Book is filled with these AWESOME FEATURES:

• Professional Intro Videos: for each of the six sessions.

• Engaging Questions: that will help get even the shy people talking.

• Interactive Photo Galleries & Graphics.

• Scripture Pop-Up Windows: so you’ll never have to leave the app during your study.

• Self-Scoring Quizzes: at the end of each chapter.

• Enter Your Own Notes: so you can access your supplemental materials right when you want them.

• Highlightable Text: to help you find your favorite parts in a flash.

• Free Updates: insure that you always have the latest edition for life.

• Display With Video Projectors or TVs: via Apple TV or connector cables to teach large classes.

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